Fitzroy Street

This survey relates to the place/neighbourhood you may call home, work in and/or currently spend most of your time in.

Some of the questions are about you however none of your responses will be used to identify you as the survey is completely anonymous. If you want to skip any questions or leave the survey you are free to do so at any time and all the questions are optional. You can also add other/ additional comments at any time at the end of the survey regarding any of the questions.

The University of Warwick will use the data to identify perceptions of where people live, work or both. The data will be stored online in the Qualtrics data platform and downloaded to be analysed by the researchers conducting this study.

Please allow 7-10 minutes to complete the survey as this is the expected time it will take to finish it and most of the sections just require you to click your choice. There are 15 questions in total with 5 that include photos, some are about you and others about your opinions.

Should you require any further information please contact: