St Kilda’s Fitzroy Street is one of Melbourne’s major shopping and entertainment strips. This iconic destination is well positioned to once more grow to be one of Melbourne’s major attractions.


Established in the 1800s, Fitzroy Street was originally a beachside getaway for wealthy Melburnians. Some 170 years later, Fitzroy Street had evolved into a bohemian playground, where musicians, artists and a cast of colourful characters were drawn to the precinct’s lively street life.


A master of reinventing itself, today Fitzroy Street is all-inclusive, with entertainment, businesses, food, accommodation and retail enjoyed by visitors and locals from all walks of life, representing all parts of our community.

Poised for revitalisation, Fitzroy Street is ready for a new era. It’s an exciting time to be part of the action and get involved in the evolution of this much-loved, unique Melbourne location.


What should the Fitzroy Street of tomorrow look like? Imagine a dynamic, distinctive precinct that brings together people from all parts of the community and beyond. What’s your vision for the future?