Overarching draft vision for Fitzroy Street

Following the path established by the Yaluk-ut Weelam, we are Yuro Yuroke – St Kilda’s Boulevard to the Bay with cultural diversity in its DNA, fed through inclusivity and acceptance.
Loved by locals, workers and visitors, it is an edgy hub to meet and explore the eclectic offering of shops, restaurants, bars and gatherings.
A place with a raw artistic flair and the vibrant historical heart of Australia’s music and creative industries.

Park End

Fitzroy Street’s gateway is an animated, active, cosmopolitan, tree-lined welcome. Offering a range of healthy activities and tranquil outdoor cafes for residents and visitors alike.

Culture and Pride

Is the defiant cultural and creative heart of the Street, shaped by its colourful migrant beginnings, this area offers a diverse, flamboyant and eclectic vibe.
An assortment of specialty retail and local artistic studios nestled with co-working, accommodation and welcoming eateries that attracts all people.

Beach End

The beach entry exudes the historical vibe of Fitzroy Street’s live music scene, with treasured live music venues, pubs, bars and eateries. Alive yet laid back, celebrating seasonal variation at this bayside vista.

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