Opening event photo

The fire ravaged regions of North East Victoria and Gippsland brought their wares to Melbourne courtesy of support from the City of Port Phillip’s Placemakers, VTIC, Optus, Origin, Bliss Search, Accommodation Association and 15 of their member hotels, instant retail, Linfox, Highlight, Officeworks, Exhibition Equipment Hire and the Government of Victoria.

The weekends we traded were terrific in terms of activating vacant spaces on the Street, taking over $37,000 in sales for the Producers and Makers, bringing a new audience to the Street and providing new, and needed, services and goods to the locals.

Huge thanks to our Landlords at 54 and 107 Fitzroy Street for providing the venues free of charge.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we had to close the stores earlier than hoped, which was to be 26 April.

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